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Thu, 17 Feb


Online via zoom

Astrology Insights Venus - Mars (english)

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Astrology Insights Venus - Mars (english)
Astrology Insights Venus - Mars (english)

Date & location / Ημερομηνία & Τοποθεσία

17 Feb 2022, 19:00 – 21:00 EET

Online via zoom

About the group / Σχετικά με την εκδήλωση

OSHO star Astrology Insights

VENUS - MARS the Lovers

My friends, I am pleased to invite you to the online OSHO star Astrology Insights group with subject "Venus - Mars: the Lovers" which takes place twice, on Monday, February 14 at 17.00 and on Thursday, February 17 at 19.00.

Venus and Mars in Astrology are the archetypes of feminine and masculine energy within us. Through this meeting you can see how your feminine nature is expressed, how your masculine nature is manifested and how they both work together.

Depending on the position of these planets in the natal horoscope, the zodiac sign, the house and the aspects between them or with other planets, we can receive information about how each person perceives love and what is his/her unique way to express it. We can see and understand which people attract us, who we attract and why. A valuable knowledge that brings clarity and understanding about the choice of partners and lovers that we subconsciously call into our lives.

The group includes astronomical information about the unique nature of the two planets as well as interpretation of their symbols as given by astronomers of the time and still used to this day. There is also analysis of their archetypal forces and their symbolism in Astrology (from Hellenistic and Indian to modern Western) as well as their manifestation in life.

By participating and sending the details of your birth (date-time-place of birth) you will also learn where the planets Mars-Venus are in your natal horoscope, how they are expressed through you and what do they request so thatyou have inner balance and contentment. You will be able to see which people attract you in love and sexual level, and what is this energy that is reflected in them that magnetizes you. Respectively, you will see who are the people who are fascinated by you and whose energy arouses their erotic interest.

Possibility of Synastry - Two Charts Combination

If there is a specific love affair/relationship that you want to learn more about it, your meeting point and the energies between you, there is possibility of synastry - combination of two charts. For this service it is necessary to know and send the date of birth, time (if known), and place of birth of the person you are interested in. It costs an additional € 5 at the participation price (total € 27) and includes synastry analysis upon Mars, Venus and their respective houses.

To see your synastry with the person you are interested to, you can book your place here.


Monday February 14               Time: 17.00 - 19.00 (Greece local time)

Thursday February 17             Time: 19.00 - 21.00 (Greece local time)

Select above (below the photo) the date you want to participate.


Online via zoom

Participation price

22 € (+0.55 service fee) All bank cards and Paypal accepted

or 27 € (+ 0.68 service fee) for additional synastry analysis - two charts.

For your participation with additional synastry analysis, you can book your place here.

The zoom link is sent to the e-mail you stated in the registration form after completing the reservation.

I look forward to seeing you!



  • Astrology Insights Venus-Mars

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